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President - Jill Munro


The President shall preside at meetings of the Beckman Baseball Booster Club and the Board. The President shall appoint committee chairs.  The President, or its designee, shall represent the organization at any BHS or Tustin Unified School District meeting.

1st VP - Fundraising Coordinator - Tracy Ernt
1st VP - Fundraising Coordinator - Tracy Ernt


The 1st Vice-President shall assist the President and assume the duties of President during any absence of the President. The 1st Vice-President shall serve on an as needed basis as an ex officio member of any committee as requested by that committee chair. The 1st Vice-President shall also facilitate fundraising events.

Tracy can be reached at 714-425-5814 or at

2nd VP - Volunteer Coordinator - Michelle Dimos


The 2nd Vice President shall be responsible for identifying volunteers for the various committees and keeping a record of volunteers and committee assignments, as well as marketing the Beckman Baseball Program in the community. The 2nd Vice President shall be the contact person for the Committee Chairs.

3rd VP - Webmaster - Rosalene Ledendecker / co: Johnny Ho


The 3rd Vice President shall maintain, update and facilitate the program website.

Secretary - Leslie Johnson


The Secretary shall maintain the Booster Club Minute Book, take notes at and prepare the minutes of all meetings of the Booster Club and the Executive Board, maintain the booster club roster and record attendance at each Booster Club meeting and Executive Board meeting.

Treasurer - Scott Thoerner / Katie Weissberg
Treasurer - Scott Thoerner / Katie Weissberg


The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds of the organization and shall be responsible for the collection, deposit, and accounting of all monies. The Treasurer shall pay all expenses and shall prepare a monthly statement of income and expenditures.  All checks shall require 2 signatures.

You can email Scott at or call him (office = 949-863-9900 or cell = 949-246-0102)

Parliamentarian - Shannon Bowers


The Parliamentarian shall advise the Board on matters of parliamentary procedure and shall also assume the following duties and responsibilities: 

  1. Give necessary advice in parliamentarian procedure
  2. Call the first meeting of the Nominating Committee and give instructions regarding the nomination procedure. The Parliamentarian conducts the election of the chair of the Nominating Committee.  The Parliamentarian serves as a member of the committee. 
  3. Review and study the Booster Club Bylaws and Mission statement annually and recommend changes to the Board.
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